UPVC Soffit Board - Capping & Replacement

Soffit Boards 

UPVC Soffits form an important part of the roofline and at MP Plastic Building Products we have a range of high quality and affordable products for you to choose from. PVC is the most widely chosen material for roofline projects because it is flexible in its manufacture while also being long lasting, durable, and attractive. You can buy pre-vented soffit boards or ventilation discs to ensure that you meet with building regulations, which stipulate that the boards need to be ventilated.

Different properties and different rooflines have different requirements. We stock a variety of board lengths and dimensions so that you can purchase the right size board for your requirements. Measure your existing soffits, if any are in place, or use accurate measurements to ensure that you have the most appropriate size otherwise you will find that the boards do not perform the function that they are chosen for.

Pre-vented soffit boards are chosen for their convenience and their ease of use. There is no need to fit ventilation discs because the ventilation is already built in to the boards and once fitted, air will be vented through the ventilation section of the soffits. Alternatively, however, you may need a replacement ventilation disc for an existing soffit board – MP Plastic Building Products stocks a wide range of both so that you can find the item you require.

We also have a range of colours and styles of UPVC soffits for you to choose from and all are at competitive prices. Whether you are buying individual items or you require a larger bulk order you can benefit from low prices, quality items, and exceptional service. We are confident of meeting your building supply needs and providing you with the products you need at a price that you find attractive.

If you are thinking of changing your UPVC soffits then you may need to change your fascias too, see our range of UPVC exterior cladding products for more. Or you can browse our catalogue of supplies or call a member of the team on 0845 505 1840 to discuss your needs.