Dry Verge - Eaves Protector - Ridge Caps - Bird Comb

Dry Verge and Eaves

We are dry verge suppliers selling dry verges that comes in 3 great colours to suit all slate / roof tile colours and designs. We stock it in Slate Grey, Terracotta and Brown. We also stock the ridge cap covers for our dry verge in round or angled to suit your ridge tiles and the starter kits which come in pairs. The sections of the dry verge are 403mm at their longest point of which 153mm is for fixing therefore giving 300mm of cover the height cover is 148mm these sizes should be taken in to account when ordering your products. We will provide you with an installation guide if this is needed.

Our standard eaves protector is a straight forward product which goes under your first one or two rows of tiles (depending on the size of your tiles) to protect prolong the life of your underlay and timber eaves
Our vented eaves protector is fitted in the same way as the standard eaves protector but is designed to keep the eaves ventilated, this product is what you are looking for in sun facing properties as it will prolong the life of your eaves and underlay.
Our bird comb filler is designed primarily to keep birds and vermin out of your eaves and roof area, this product screws directly in to the eaves protector
Over fascia ventilator clips are fitted directly on top of the fascia and come in 10mm for the thinner fascia capping and 25mm for the thicker replacement fascia board. If you want to replace your plastic fascias and soffits then see our UPVC soffit page and UPVC fascia page.
With over fifty supplier outlets in the UK, our dry verge and eaves protector products can be delivered overnight, and in most circumstances free of charge. Our dry verge and eaves protector products can be collected from our supplier trade counters.
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