Pastel Grey Hygienic Wall Cladding - PVC Angles, Jointing & Capping Strips

Hygienic wall cladding is made from PVC plastic which means that it is easy to install, simple to maintain, and cost effective.


Hygienic cladding is also available in a variety of different colours so that you can create the look that you desire most either inside or outside the house. Cladding sheets are a simple and convenient way to do this and, when made from plastic, they can be used to prolong the life of a wall because they will prevent the wall from becoming damaged. 


Exterior PVC cladding creates a seal around your house to protect the bricks and mortar from elemental damage. They are available in white but if you want a more subtle plastic cladding for the outside of the property we also sell them with wood-grain effects such as Mahogany, Rosewood and Light Oak.


Using plastic wall cladding is an excellent way to make your bathroom or kitchen easy to clean. It creates a waterproof barrier between the bathroom and the wall, meaning that no damp or moisture can penetrate the wall and cause problems. Unlike conventional tiles, there are no gapes between plastic cladding for mould or damp to settle in and grow. This makes them easy to clean by simply wiping them to bring them back to being good as new.


Plastic is a lightweight material and is known for being very strong and durable. It can be used indoors or outdoors as the weight of the material will not have a negative impact on the wall. The lightweight nature of the material also makes it a convenient choice for those that will be fitting it. If you are a builder or contractor then you should consider pastel grey cladding sheets not only to be a viable option but to be a very beneficial one too.


Pastel grey cladding sheets are strong and robust, they are easy to maintain and hygienic. Plastic Building Supplies has a wide range of plastic wall cladding sheets so that you can enjoy the look that you want for competitively low prices. We stock a variety of colours of cladding panels, which has made us one of the top UPVC cladding suppliers in the country.