Triple Wall Polycarbonate - Bronze, Clear & Opal Panels

16mm Bronze Triple Wall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets
16mm Clear Triple Wall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets
16mm Opal Triple Wall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Polycarbonate is a tough and durable plastic that can be used to create walls and roofs on greenhouses and other buildings. It is thicker and stronger than polymer sheets while being lighter and more convenient than glass. There are a number of sizes of sheets as well as different thicknesses of polycarbonate available to choose from so you can be sure of getting the best quality finish for your greenhouse. Triple wall polycarbonate is very strong and will withstand a battering from the elements without suffering damage.

A greenhouse needs to let good amounts of light in so that the plants can benefit and be encouraged to show strong growth. Polymer sheets do allow some light in but this is restricted because the material is not entirely clear. In contrast, polycarbonate is stronger and tougher while also allowing a greater amount of light into the greenhouse.

It is possible that your greenhouse will suffer damage from the wind and from falling debris. Flimsy materials can become torn, may snap, or they may become disfigured and misshapen in the sun too. Polycarbonate does not suffer these problems and while it lets a lot of light in it will prove resilient to the weather’s effects.

We are a leading supplier of plastic and PVC items. We stock a selection of high quality polycarbonate, including the thick and very strong triple wall polycarbonate that can be used to create a strong and long lasting roof on your greenhouse.