White PVC Architraves and Trims - D Mould, Quadrant, Fillet & Angle

Architrave - Window Trim 45mm White UPVC
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Architrave - Window Trim 65mm White UPVC
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Architrave - Window Trim 95mm White UPVC
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Quadrant / Window Trim 12mm White UPVC
Quadrant / Window Trim 19mm White UPVC
20mm White UPVC Window Finishing Trim
25mm D Mould White UPVC Finishing Trim
White UPVC Angle 25mm x 25mm (1" x 1")
PVC Rigid Angle 100mm x 80mm White
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PVC Flexi-Angle 25mm x 25mm
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PVC Flexi-Angle 35mm x 35mm White
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30mm White UPVC Window Finishing Trim
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PVC Flexi-Angle 50mm x 50mm White
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Whether you require a simple design or a more classic sculpted look from your architraves, you should consider uPVC to be the ideal material. It is hard wearing and log lasting, requires little maintenance, and it can be wiped clean quickly and easily. It is also an inexpensive material that is quick and simply to fit. White is a popular choice of colour because the majority of rooms have white trims around doors, windows, and the skirting.

Pets brush against them and people hang on to them when passing by; the architrave or door frame trim is a heavily used aspect in any room and this use means that it can become grubby and dirty looking. What’s more, knocking the trim and subjecting it to other physical damage can leave ugly bumps, scratches, and dints in the surface of timber trims.

If this has happened to your door and you require a replacement you should consider the many benefits that PVC architraves have to offer. Plastic is an increasingly common building product because of the benefits that it offers. It is easy to maintain and clean; simply wipe away any dirt or debris. It is also strong and durable, and will last for many years without suffering damage. Despite this, plastic architraves are inexpensive and they come in a variety of colours and styles. 

White PVC architraves are popular because they offer a traditional look with all of these benefits and, at CRD, we have a large selection of high quality products for you to choose from.