Black Ash Soffit Board

Black Ash UPVC Soffit Board
Black Ash 300mm Hollow Soffit Board, Tongue and Groove Effect.
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Black Ash UPVC Vented Soffit Board
Black Ash Soffit Board H Section 5mt
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Black Soffit Board Starter Trim / J Trim 5mt
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Black Ash Soffit Board Vent Strip 5mt
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Soffit Board Circular Soffit Vent Black
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Black 30mm Poly Pins
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Black 40mm Poly Pins
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Black Ash Soffit Board

Black ash soffit boards are used, in combination with fascias to protect the roof of the property and prevent the elements from being able to breach the home. Most commonly made from PVC, in the modern era, they can protect against a huge range of potential damage including wind and rain. Creating a new soffit installation right around your property means that you need to take a variety of factors into account when choosing the items you are buying. 

Black ash is an attractive colour that can be used to make a visual statement outside your property or it can blend in with your home. The soffit boards are less visible than fascias but they still perform vital tasks for your property. One such task is to ensure that your home looks attractive.

As well as good looking, soffit boards should be chosen for the protection that they offer. PVC is a widely used material for its ability to withstand the wind and rain, even dirt, debris, and wildlife. Plastic does not rot and does not require regular maintenance, apart from an occasional clean if you want to do this. Whereas dirt and debris is immediately evident on white plastic, it is less evident on black ash soffit boards.

Plastic Building Supplies has a large variety of black ash soffit board and ancillary products including pre-vented boards. We also stock vents, poly pins, and offer plain and tongue and groove styles when you choose to buy soffit boards from us. Enjoy competitive prices on great quality exterior items.