Light Oak Window Board and Sill - Bullnose & Square

Light Oak UPVC Internal Window Sill Cover Square Edge
End Caps to Suit Square Edge Light Oak Window Sill Cover
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Light oak coloured PVC sills are a classy and elegant design that can make any room look great. Old wooden sills will inevitably need replacing because they can suffer physical damage as well as damage caused by moisture or damp. Choose sills according to the material that you wish to use as well as the colour and design that best suits your room. Light oak is designed to give the classic wooden look but without the potential wear and tear that is typically suffered with wood.

PVC is a strong and long lasting material. Whereas you may need to replace, and will certainly need to prepare, treat, and paint the sills regularly, plastic will not need regular maintenance. It can be easily wiped clean using warm water and a mild soap or detergent solution and any damp can be mopped up with a dry cloth.

Another benefit of being able to easily remove puddles of damp and condensation is that mould will not grow. Ensure that any condensation is removed and give a good regular clean if you suffer from heavy condensation in your home. Poor quality windows, a lack of extraction in the home, and drying your clothes on radiators are some potential causes of this condensation and it is more common than you might think.

A light oak plastic window sill is a good looking and ultimately durable solution that provides protection for your home. While the sill is a functional item, it should look good too. We have a large selection of quality items at competitive and affordable prices for you to choose from.

PLEASE NOTE: Rosewood, Light Oak and Mahogany Bullnose Window Sills are not stock items therefore can take up to an additional 7 working days to be delivered.