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Clear Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Our Solid Polycarbonate Sheet is so strong it is virtually unbreakable. A modern safety glazing, it has a huge number of applications. Our customers buy this product instead of glass for a wide variety of projects, including the manufacture of shelters, roofing, skylights, balustrades, signage, and casings - to name just a few. Lightweight and crystal clear, it is impact resistant (vandal-proof) and highly durable.

We recommend our Solid Polycarbonate Sheet if you require a thermoplastic material with the highest degree of strength. Impact resistant, the products in this range are extruded from a polymer resin which is considered 200 times stronger than glass of the equivalent thickness. They boast an additional layer, which prevents damage from UV rays. Because of its advanced composition and double-sided UV protection, this product will not yellow in the sun and is sold with a long manufacturer’s limited warranty.

We stock Solid polycarbonate Sheet in a huge range of sizes and thicknesses. For your convenience, we offer a cutting service and completely free technical advice to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Contact us if you require a larger size than those stated.

Low Maintenance Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Lightweight yet effortless to install, our low maintenance Solid Polycarbonate Sheet is the ultra-safe alternative to glass. It is cost-effective and can be processed using simple hand tools as well as a range of machine tools. Thinner thicknesses are flexible, meaning they can be vacuum formed or even bent to create curves. As well as being practical, this material looks good anywhere.


The range includes solid polycarbonate in the following thicknesses:


  • 2mm
  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 5mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm

For exceptional performance andlong-lasting durability, invest in our low-cost Solid Polycarbonate Sheet. It is one of the toughest materials on the market and has almost limitless applications across a broad range of disciplines.


Product Benefits

Manufactured by leading brands, including Storm and Palram, our Solid Polycarbonate Sheet is designed to meet a wide range domestic, commercial and industrial needs. Benefits include:


  • Vandal-proof
  • Tough enough to withstand a bomb blast
  • Shatterproof
  • Resists extremes of hot and cold temperatures
  • Excellent sound proofing
  • External and internal uses
  • Crystal clear with a high light transmission
  • Lighter than glass
  • Class 1 fire resistance rating
  • Flexible in thinner thicknesses for curving
  • UV protection on both sides


The products in this range are suitable for vision panels, machine guards, safety glazing, balcony screens, secondary glazing and lighting covers. They can also be used as plant and machinery glazing, barrel vaults, covered walkways, shelters, canopies, protective over-glazing for stained glass, maps and other displays and boat windscreens.

We recommend solid polycarbonate sheet if you are looking for a lightweight material that is easier than glass to handle and install. It removes some of the dangers associated with traditional glazing and provides on-going safety benefits. It is an asset in high-risk environments, including leisure facilities and premises where high-value goods or cash is stored. It is bestselling product line for our partners in construction and sign manufacturing, as well as homeowners. This product range offers a good degree of soundproofing and can reduce the cost of insurance in some environments.


We stock solid polycarbonate sheet in a huge quantities to meet orders of all sizes. When ordering, please use the drop down menu on the product page to select the required size and quantity.


Why Clear Polycarbonate From Us?

We have developed our Solid Polycarbonate Sheet range to deliver outstanding value for money, as well as long-lasting performance. Each product provides robustsafety glazing that has in-built protection from the elements and an aesthetically pleasing finish. With customers across the UK, we offer stand outcustomer service - and products. We have more than a decade of experience in the supply of solid polycarbonate sheet. Asa leading supplier,we go above and beyond to deliver tough, cost-effective safety solutions.


Every time you place an order with us, you can be guaranteed of prompt service. We dispatch solid polycarbonate sheet on a daily basis and deliver to customers across the UK, usually in 1 to 3 working days. As well as a speedy dispatch service, you will also benefit from exceptional products at a great price.

Our customer service team is here to help. It providesindustry-leading, free technical advice. We recommend you use this service if you are not sure which product in our solid polycarbonate sheet rangeis suitable for your project. We will save you time and money by ensuring you only ever a buy a material that is right for you. For helpful, friendly support, contact us online,or give our customer service team a call.


We compare our solid polycarbonate sheet prices against competitors’ every single day. Our Price Promise Guarantee offers you a cast iron assurance -if you find the same solid polycarbonatesheet cheaper anywhere else online, we will match that price. We are totally committed to ensuring your buying experience with us is outstanding. In fact, we go the extra mile to ensure you receive outstanding value.

With massive stocks of solid polycarbonate sheet, a commitment to quality and products that are the best you can buy, we deliver on all fronts.

Browse our range of Solid Polycarbonate Sheet and discover how unrivalled strength can change the way to think about safety glazing.