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Brown Ogee Gutter & Fittings

Brown Ogee Guttering & Fittings

Brown Ogee Guttering and Fittings look good in any setting and offer robust protection from rainwater. Attractive and effective, they are designed to channel even large amounts of water away from your home. They deliver lasting protecting for your home, protecting both the structure and foundations. This guttering system will also protect your garden and stop your topsoil from being washed away during heavy rainfall.

Ogee guttering benefits from a modern, S-shaped design. Under the weight of water, snow and debris, it makes it flexible. The guttering will slightly bend to accommodate extra weight. This protects the integrity of the system and ensures it won’t break. We recommend the products in this range for any environment. Because Ogee guttering is versatile, it can easily be used to replace sections of guttering - for example one or two sides of a property.

Guttering plays a vital role in the long-term security of your home. It diverts water away from susceptible areas, offering long-lasting protection. To complement all project types, we stock a range of fittings to connect pipes of different shapes.

For protection from rainwater all year round, invest in Brown Ogee Guttering and Fittings. They are manufactured to withstand a wide range of temperatures.

Our Brown Ogee Gutter & Fittings

Our Brown Ogee Guttering and Fittings are practical. They are also aesthetically pleasing and extremely robust. Cost effective, this range of products is popular with both homeowners and trades.


Product Range

Our extensive range of Brown Ogee Guttering and Fittings includes:


Ogee gutter

90 degree angle

135 degree angle

112 degree down pipe offset bend

92.5 down pipe bend

112 degree branch

Fascia bracket

Down pipe

Balloon outlet guard

Pipe clips, off the wall and flush to the wall

Pipe shoe

Running outlet

Gutter stop end

Internal stop end

Connector / universal connector / square to round connector


Browse our product pages for more detailed information about size variations and the full range of pipes and fittings.



For outstanding performance, all our Brown Ogee Guttering and Fittings are:


Colour fast/UV stable

Impact resistant

Extremely durable

Weather resistant

Low maintenance


Worried your existing guttering is broken or seen better days? Want to improve the look of your home’s exterior? Buy Brown Ogee Guttering and Fittings and easily shift even large loads of water away from your property.


We Deliver Brown Ogee Guttering and Fittings

We deliver Brown Ogee Guttering and Fittings to addresses across the UK. Browse our entire range in the comfort of your home. Order online when it is convenient to you. We process orders in 24 hours and aim to deliver in 1 to 3 working days.

Our PVC Brown Ogee Guttering and Fittings are robust and efficient. If you aren’t 100 per cent sure about a particular product, contact us for free technical advice. Send us a message via this website or give us a call on.

Brown Ogee Guttering and Fittings are an excellent choice if you require a practical solution that is capable of dealing with rainfall and giving you enduring peace of mind.