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Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheets - Clear, Opal & Bronze

Multi Wall Polycarbonate Roofing - Clear, Opal & Bronze



For superior strength and aesthetics, you can’t beat our Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet. It islightweight and easy to install, making it a popular alternative to traditional glazing and tiles. Considered a long-term roofing solution for conservatories and greenhouses, it delivers excellent thermal insulation and is effortless to maintain. The products in this range offer a robust roofing solution without hard-to-manage weight of more expensive materials.


Our Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet is fire and impact resistant. It is UV stable and won’t ‘yellow’ or discolour. The products are also moisture resistant and completely weatherproof. They will perform come rain or shine, supported by their strong fabrication. Additional uses for our Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet include roofing for home extensions, canopies and shelters. It is tough enough to be used as cladding, for displays and as safety glazing. It can use used in both domestic and commercial settings.



All the products in this range are sold with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. We offer a cutting service, which may incur a small fee, to ensure you get the right sheet size for your project.



Our Multi Wall Polycarbonate SheetRange


We stock Multi Wall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet in arange of sheet sizes. Choose from the following finishes:



  • Clear Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet – 25mm
  • Opal Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet - 25mm
  • Bronze Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet - 25mm
  • Heatguard on Opal Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet - 25mm



We recommend Clear Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet if you require a robust material with high light transmission. Choose our Opal Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet if you want to deflect excessive light and have all-year round control over the temperature in your space. The Bronze Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet has a tint that provides effective shading. For outstanding comfort, choose our Heatguard on Opal Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet.


The products in this range provide long-lasting solutions and are so low maintenance they will only ever need cleaning. Choose the right size product for your project - simply click on the correct length measurements in the drop-down menu on product pages.



We Deliver Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet


We deliver Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet direct to your door. We dispatch and deliver orders in as little as 1 to 3 working days - no matter where you are located in the UK. Buy online now and transform your home or garden with super-strength, versatile materials at low, low prices.


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If you need a strong structural design product manufactured to last for years, our Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet is ideal. It is a durable, robust solution in a low maintenance format that is suitable for a huge variety applications.