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A fascia board is designed to deliver weatherproofing where a property needs it most – the roofline. Often marketed as a fashionable finishing touch, it serves an important practical purpose. A good fascia will keep moisture away from your rafters

20th Nov 2019

A fascia board is often thought of as merely a roofline trim. However, it serves a practical as well as aesthetic purpose. Commonly mounted on the end rafters or house walls, these attractive finishing touches keep moisture out of your roof space. A good

18th Nov 2019

If you have recently noticed a damp patch in your home or garden, poor guttering could be to blame. Gutters can cause damp. Most often, it is because part of the system is blocked with debris or has accumulated a build-up of dirt and grime. But there

16th Nov 2019

Most people know that having an effective gutter system is essential. It protects not just your property but the environment around it. But where does rainwater go once it enters your downpipe? Knowing where your gutter should drain to is important –

14th Nov 2019

If you are planning to re-roof a garden structure, you may be asking yourself if roofing felt with stop rain. Protecting your building and its contents should be your primary concern when choosing a roofing material. While felt is one of the most popular

11th Nov 2019

If you are looking for effective roofing felt, you are no doubt planning to re-roof a garden outbuilding or start work on a new structure. Now is a good time to consider what roofing you are currently using, or planning to use, and whether it is time

9th Nov 2019

In this feature we have decided to focus on the question ‘Why is my gutter leaking?’ because it is a common question that is rarely answered in full. If you don’t regularly inspect your gutters, it may come as a surprise to find water

6th Nov 2019

Looking to install guttering but not quite sure how to go about it? Gutters can be fixed by DIY enthusiasts quickly and cheaply. If you are investing in modern, long-lasting PVC guttering, this guide will ensure you don’t make any of the common

5th Nov 2019

Lots of homeowners neglect guttering and don’t give it a lot of thought until something goes wrong. Most people know that gutters can clog, attract birds’ nests and leak – but what does this pipe system actually do and how does it benefit

4th Nov 2019

Smart-looking guttering will give your home a neat exterior and protect the structure and foundations from damp. But can you paint gutters? In this article we will explain why some systems require regular painting to protect them from rust and corrosion

30th Oct 2019

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