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If you are redesigning your home or constructing a new property, it can help to know what types of roofs are available to you. There is much more to a roof than you might realise but you do have a range of options depending on your needs and what...

14th Jan 2023

Hole in Roof.png

So, you have spotted a hole in your roof and are now worried about the impact that it might have on your home. The good news is that your leaking roof can be repaired in most instances but the most important thing that you need to do is find the...

4th Jan 2023

Fascia and Soffit Board.png

We all want to avoid problems when it comes to our homes because in general, any problem is going to cost money to put right. Unfortunately, this is something that comes with owning a home but one part of your roof that you might not think about...

30th Nov 2022

Roof Lifespan.png

Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make and that makes it even more important to ensure you maintain it effectively. One part of your house that requires care and attention is your roof. It is one of the most important...

25th Nov 2022

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The reality is that a roof is taken for granted because how many of us actually take the time to inspect and check for any problems? Most of us will only know there is an issue when we see the tell-tale signs such as missing tiles, cracks and...

22nd Nov 2022

when to use deepflow guttering.jpg

The average homeowner will invest in gutters without considering if deepflow guttering is the best option for their property. Typically, the ordinary person in the street will view a gutter as just one of those things every building has to have....

8th Jan 2020

plastic skirting board.jpg

Plastic skirting board is used in a wide range of environments from homes to light commercial premises. It has attracted good press from those who can’t be faffed with timber, but is it any good? If you are considering a switch away from...

2nd Jan 2020

how to clean uPVC window sills (1).jpg

If you are replacing timber boards with modern uPVC window sills you can look forward to years of hassle-free maintenance. Internal home improvements that make use of alternatives to wood retain their ‘as new’ aesthetics for longer....

19th Dec 2019

fascia board.jpg

A fascia board is designed to deliver weatherproofing where a property needs it most – the roofline. Often marketed as a fashionable finishing touch, it serves an important practical purpose. A good fascia will keep moisture away from your...

20th Nov 2019

replacement fascia board.jpg

A fascia board is often thought of as merely a roofline trim. However, it serves a practical as well as aesthetic purpose. Commonly mounted on the end rafters or house walls, these attractive finishing touches keep moisture out of your roof space....

18th Nov 2019

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