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Rosewood Soffit Board

Rosewood Soffit Board - Plain, Hollow & Vented

Give your home a warm, modern look with our ultra-low maintenance Rosewood Soffit Board. Manufactured to effortlessly protect your eaves for years, the products in this beautiful range give your roofline a truly stunning finish. For no-fuss weatherproofing, invest in tough UPVC soffit boards that are designed to deliver flawless durability. They are available in a choice of styles and will withstand the elements all-year round. Manufactured to the highest specifications, these clean-edged soffits are an exact colour match for our fascia board products.

The products in this range benefit from a tough laminated finish. All our Rosewood Soffit Boards are sealed for protection against moisture. They are stocked in standard sizes to guarantee an exact fit. Cost-effective, they are stain resistant and offer high-performance all-year round - come rain or shine. They are UV stable and will not fade or discolour in direct sunlight. Sold with a manufacturer’s guarantee, our Rosewood Soffit Board delivers outstanding performance for years. This product range is the contemporary alternative to hard-to-maintain wood. You will never have to paint or stain these products. They are the hassle-free roofline solution your home has been waiting for.

We recommend Rosewood Soffit Board if you are looking for a stunning, easy-to-install roofline solution that is also efficient. The products in this range are designed for external use and will protect for your eaves for years. They provide an effective shield against damp. This is good news if you want to protect your rafters and save money. These soffit boards give your home improved aesthetics by adding a splash of colour.


Our Rosewood Soffit Board Range

We stock Rosewood Soffit Board in a range of sizes and in the following styles:


  • Rosewood Plain Soffit Board
  • Rosewood Hollow Soffit Board
  • Rosewood Vented Soffit Board


We recommend the Rosewood Plain Soffit Board if you need a cost-effective, efficient roofline solution that will stand the test of time. Our Rosewood Hollow Soffit Board is lightweight and insulating. If you are concerned about damp in your roof space and want to protect your rafters, we recommend our Rosewood Vented Soffit Board. It has integral continuous air gaps to ensure air is circulated around the roof space to minimise the risk of damp.

All our Rosewood Soffit Board products are dispatched in polythene sleeves to ensure they reach you in pristine condition.

Choose the right size product for your project by clicking on the correct measurements in the drop-down menu on product pages.


We Deliver Rosewood Soffit Board

Our distribution service covers the whole of the UK. We can dispatch and deliver Rosewood Soffit Board in a matter of a few days, regardless of your location. Buy online now and experience our unrivalled customer service.

We provide completely free technical advice to ensure the product you buy is the right fit for your project.

If your roofline has seen better days, give it the lift it needs. Buy Rosewood Soffit Board and lift the look of your home’s exterior. Maintenance worries will be a thing of the past. All you will ever have to do with these products is to give then a clean, as and when required.

Want to give your roofline a stunning, new look? Buy ultra-low maintenance soffit board from us today and look forward to years of hassle-free protection from the elements and a stylish roofline.