Mosaic Collection Bathroom Plastic Cladding

Mosaic bathroom panels can be used on all of the walls of your bathroom or they can be placed in the shower cubicle, wet room, or behind the bath to provide additional protection and add a feature to the room.

The mosaic look is classy and beautiful but it is quite impractical to achieve in the damp and humid environment of the bathroom. Regular cleaning would be required to ensure that mould and mildew does not collect around the grouting. This is not a problem with upvc bathroom cladding however, as a simple wipe with a cloth is all that is needed to keep the cladding panels clean.


A mosaic plastic bath panel is a sheet of plastic with a mosaic design printed on it. This gives the look of a mosaic, as though there are dozens of smaller ceramic tiles combining in a single pattern, while offering the rugged protection that PVC cladding provides. You can choose from a good selection of colours and patterns so whether you want a warm peach colour or a more alert blue you can achieve the look you want easily and inexpensively.


Many people choose to add upvc ceiling cladding to their bathrooms, to make the whole room easy to clean and to create a stunning effect. All of our cladding panels can be used on the ceiling, making maintenance easy and meaning you don't have to worry about mould in any area of the room.


Plastic is an inexpensive material but it is also highly durable and strong. It is lightweight so easy to install but despite this it will put up with a lot of different types of pressure. It will take physical pressure without cracking or splitting and it will cope well with damp and moisture. Plastic Building Supplies has a great range and selection of mosaic style PVC cladding that are especially suited to use in the bathroom – we also stock the dividers and other accessories needed to fit them properly.

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