Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets - Clear, Opal & Bronze

4mm Twin Wall Greenhouse Polycarbonate
6mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Roof Sheet
10mm Clear Twin Wall Polycarbonate
10mm Bronze Twin Wall Polycarbonate
10mm Opal Twin Wall Polycarbonate

Twin wall polycarbonate roofing panels are ideal for a number of outdoor applications, especially in those situations where you require a tough and durable material that will still allow some natural light to get in. There are different thicknesses of polycarbonate available and this is usually measured according to the number of walls that are found in the material. Triple polycarbonate is considered the toughest and the most rigid but it is also the most expensive and may not be necessary.

If you are attempting to install one large polycarbonate panel then you should, in most cases, choose the triple wall material. It has the greatest strength rating and it will sit atop your greenhouse or other building without the danger of it snapping in the middle under its own weight.

Polycarbonate is a lightweight material but too large a piece mounted horizontally means that it has to support a lot of its own weight. If the sheet begins to bow in the middle then rain can collect, further exacerbating the problem and leading to major damage. For smaller pieces, however, double wall polycarbonate may be your best option. It will work out cheaper than tripe wall and it will be able to support its own weight in these instances.

We are a specialist in providing high quality plastic, PVC, and polycarbonate building supplies. We provide both double and triple wall polycarbonate as well as the items and products that are needed to fit them and ensure that they remain in place and as strong as possible for as long as possible.