Light Oak PVC Architrave - D Mould, Quadrant, Fillet & Angle

A PVC light oak architrave is a great addition to any room. Not only does the architrave hide the join between door frame and wall but its natural look and elegance help to enhance the overall look of the room. It is not only a great way to provide protection and cover around the frame of the door, it is also a good looking addition to any room. Wherever you have a door, a plastic architrave can provide protection and good looks.


Doors are frequently used items and they can come under physical and environmental threat when they are used heavy-handedly or incorrectly. Wooden architraves can become bumped, split, or badly damaged in other ways. They can also mould and rot, especially if the room is prone to damp or the house endures a lot of condensation. Furthermore, wood needs frequent treatment to continue to perform at its best. This will require sanding down, treating, and painting the frame and architrave, which can be a painstaking job, especially when it needs to be done every couple of years.


In contrast, PVC architraves are inexpensive and they are also strong and durable. They won’t split and it takes a lot more physical abuse to damage or even mark plastic. It isn’t prone to damage from damp and it can be easily cleaned using just a damp cloth; mild soap can be used more challenging stains.


At Plastic Building Supplies we have a large catalogue of architrave styles and colours including attractive light oak PVC architraves.