Mahogany PVC Architrave and Trims - D Mould, Quadrant, Fillet & Angle

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Mahogany architraves are a great way to protect walls and the door frame. It is used as a means of covering the joint between door and door frame and as well as plan looking designs it is also possible to purchase those with a more sculpted and traditional look. Whatever style you choose you can also choose from a selection of colours including the deep and stunning looking mahogany style finish.

PVC architraves offer a beneficial replacement for old wooden architraves. The plastic is long lasting and durable as well as strong. It can be used in any room of the house in order to provide a cover over the joint between the door frame and wall. There are a number of designs and styles to choose from as well as a good selection of colours. 

Colours for the architrave can vary from simple white to a bolder black choice, as well as a selection of wood style finishes. Ash black and light oak are among some of these wood styles but if you want something with a deeper finish then mahogany architraves are a great choice. Dark wood can look classy and attractive when used well.

Plastic Building Supplies has a massive selection of building supplies that are ideal for homeowners and for contractor and developers. Choose from simple designs or a more sculpted appearance; you can also choose from a selection of colours including white, black ash, light oak, and rosewood as well as the deep mahogany finish.