PVC Architrave & PVC Trims

Quadrant / Window Trim 12mm White UPVC
Quadrant / Window Trim 19mm White UPVC
20mm White UPVC Window Finishing Trim
25mm D Mould White UPVC Finishing Trim
Architrave - Window Trim 45mm White UPVC
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Architrave - Window Trim 65mm White UPVC
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Architrave - Window Trim 95mm White UPVC
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White UPVC Angle 25mm x 25mm (1" x 1")
PVC Flexi-Angle 25mm x 25mm
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PVC Flexi-Angle 35mm x 35mm White
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PVC Flexi-Angle 50mm x 50mm White
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PVC Rigid Angle 100mm x 80mm White
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Plastic headed pin / nails
30mm White UPVC Window Finishing Trim
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PVC Architrave And PVC Window Trim

Architraves can be used to convert a bland looking door into a grand entranceway. With PVC architraves and trims you can convert any entrance into a grand looking door. What’s more, you can enjoy the benefits that PVC has to offer so that the trim will not become easily damaged, it will require little in the way of maintenance, and it is more affordable than a traditional timber type trim. CRD has a range of dimensions and styles for you to choose from.

Traditionally, architraves were used on the exterior of buildings and were an important and functional architectural addition to a building design. However, the modern equivalent is largely decorative and while this means that trims aren’t necessary for the safe performance and use of doors or windows, they can be used to give a better finish and a more attractive look to a room and a property.

At CRD we stock a wide range of PVC architrave and UPVC trim products. You can choose from a selection of colours and styles so that the trim matches the door and the look of the room. They are easy to fit and install, too, and because they require little maintenance they will last for many years without the need to replace them.
CRD from high quality PVC plastic. This has become the material of choice in many applications, and especially when decorating and finishing the interior of a home because it combines good looks with low maintenance, durable ownership. You too can enjoy these benefits when you shop on the CRD website and you can also enjoy competitive and attractive prices.

While updating your UPVC trim why not look at replacing your plastic guttering?

Buy UPVC trim and PVC architrave and trims on our secure, convenient website or call one of our friendly and professional team on 0333 121 1216 for further assistance.