Black Ash Shiplap Cladding

Black Ash Shiplap Cladding

The main reason many people choose black ash shiplap PVC cladding is to create an additional layer of protection around the exterior of a building. Shiplap connecting joints are easy to work with and assuming that the laps are well secured to a uniform layer underneath then it will provide long lasting and durable protection that looks attractive too.

Black ash is a stunning colour choice that will make an impression while the PVC is long lasting, durable, and will not alter under the constant glare of the sun or the moisture of the rain. This plastic cladding is also very easy to maintain, just requiring a clean with a cloth and soap every now and again to prevent dirt build up.

Where materials like wood tend to suffer when used for cladding is in having to deal with such a wide range of temperatures and conditions. It may be hot and sunny one day but cold and rainy the next. With wood, this causes the wood to swell and then to contract and every time this occurs the material loses some of its shape.

It will usually become discoloured at the same time as well and this will lead to unattractive cladding on the outside of your building. By replacing your older cladding with a PVC claddng exterior you will create a seal around your house, keeping out adverse weather and also helping to reduce energy bills.

There are many choices of colour when it comes to choosing shiplap cladding. White may be considered the standard choice, although black is also popular. Wooden effect finishes can also be found that give your roof a more natural appearance.

Choose according to the design of the outside of your home and the effect that you wish to create. Plastic Building Supplies has a great variety of shiplap cladding trims, corners, and sheets as well as fastenings and other essential items; all at competitive prices to make your pvc cladding project as affordable as possible.