Light Oak Shiplap Cladding

Shiplap External Cladding 150mm Light Oak PVC
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Shiplap H Section Jointing Trim Light Oak
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Shiplap 2 Part External Corner Joint Light Oak
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Shiplap Cladding Stainless Steel Pins 30mm
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Light Oak Flexi Angle
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Light Oak Shiplap Cladding

Light Oak Cladding the outside of your property can help to protect it from the elements as well as from birds, pests, and dirt and debris. In fact, plastic cladding is so effective that it can help to reduce energy bills while providing a more comfortable living environment. It can also improve the look of the exterior of your home. PVC is considered a good choice for its long lasting durability and affordability while the light oak colour has a natural looking finish too.

Homeowners typically use external Light Oak UPVC cladding in order to provide protection for the building itself. It works as a barrier by creating an envelope around the walls or the roof and it then prevents UV rays, rain, and the wind from causing untold damage to the property. This damage would be a concern with older wooden cladding, but with modern plastic cladding you can be safe in the knowledge that you have an extremely durable and easy to maintain product.

PVC is a strong and durable material and while wood and other materials may have once been the preferred choice, this is no longer the case. Plastic is considered the best alternative because of the benefits it offers and the fact that it is cost effective. Installation of cladding panels is quick and easy for the roofing company and this typically passes on in the shape of a lower quote for your roofing requirements.

Light oak is a natural looking finish that is applied to the panels before they are used to clad your building. It fits in well if you have any trees surrounding your property and it can be used to give a classic look to the outside. Browse the extensive CRD catalogue to view the full range of items at competitive rates; we are renowned UPVC cladding suppliers and we have competitive rates for all of our products.