Square Gutter

The square gutter is considered better looking than a round gutter and is available in a selection of styles and designs. Consider the profile of the guttering as well as the size and any connections and other elements that you may need in order to finish the guttering installation of guttering products. Their geometric shape means that they are more capable of collecting and moving large volumes of water than the half round gutter.


The guttering is an essential component of your house. It collects rainwater and moves it away from the house. As such, guttering obviously needs to be able to withstand water without rusting or rotting, while also providing enough strength that it can cope with heavy downpours. PVC guttering offers these benefits and many more too. It is strong and durable, resistant to water, and it requires little in the way of regular maintenance.


Square guttering can prove more practical because it will naturally hold and collect more rainwater than the round profile. You should also consider buying a leaf guard which sits on top of the guttering and prevents leaves and other debris from getting in while still allowing for the collection and passage of rainwater.


Whether you’re looking for a single replacement part, want to gutter the garage, or require a sectional guttering installation for the whole of your house, Plastic Building Supplies can provide you with a range of guttering products depending on the style, shape, and colour of guttering that best fits your needs. We also stock debris guards, connectors, and other items that are essential to the installation of your gutter.