Window Accessories

End Caps to Suit Bullnose Rosewood Window Sill Cover
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Long Bullnose White Window Sill End Caps
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Pair 50mm Bullnose White Window Sill End Caps
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Pair 50mm Window Sill and Board End Caps
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White UPVC Internal Window Sill - Bullnose Cover
White UPVC Internal Window Sill Cover Square Edge

Plastic window accessories can vary in their application as well as their look and design. Choose from a wide range of accessories that include sill covers and window trims to complete your window installation to the best possible standard and quality. Plastic is a useful and durable material to use and it will retain its good looks and its strength for many years to come while being light and easy to fit and install.


PVC windows are common because the PVC material acts as an effective barrier to prevent wind and rain from getting into the house. It is also tough and strong so it is resilient to wind and even physical damage. It won’t discolour in the sun, which is important, and it is strong enough to cope with a build-up of snow or ice.


Plastic is also useful for the creation of items like window accessories. These accessories include the sills that go below the window along with sill covers, which can prove a useful way of adding an additional layer of protection to an existing window. Trims are also vital and you need to ensure that you use all of the necessary items to enjoy the best finish for your windows.