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4mm Twin Wall Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheet



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6ft (1830mm)

4mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Our 4mm Twin Wall Greenhouse Polycarbonate is lightweight with high light transmission. Low-cost, it is easy to maintain and suitable for a huge range of outdoor applications. It is weatherproof and provides UV protection. This product is manufactured from the highest quality materials and boasts outstanding structural properties for use as safety glazing in garden projects.

This product is both impact resistant and insulating. We supply this polycarbonate product with a 10 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


Available Sizes

We stock 4mm Twin Wall Greenhouse Polycarbonate in the following sizes:



  • 610mm (2ft)
  • 1220mm (4ft)
  • 1830mm (6ft)
  • 2440mm (8ft)


  • 610mm (2ft)
  • 1220mm (4ft)

A cutting service available if required.


Product Specifications


Fire resistance: self-extinguishing

Light transmission up to 82 per cent

Service Temperature Range from -40 to +120C

HDT - 135C

Thermal Expansion - 2.5 mm/m for

Refractive Index - 1.59



We recommend this product as an alternative to glass in greenhouse structures, sheds, playhouses, summerhouses and indoor swimming pools.


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