Light Oak Fascia Board - Capping & Replacement

Golden Oak PVC 5m Fascia Capping Board 9mm
Golden Oak PVC 5m Replacement Fascia Board 16mm
9mm Golden Oak Ogee Fascia Capping Board 5m
500ml Golden Oak Ogee External Fascia Joint
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Light Oak 65mm Poly Nails
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Light Oak 40mm Poly Pins
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Light Oak 30mm Poly Pins
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500mm Golden Oak Fascia Corner
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500mm Golden Oak Internal Fascia Corner
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135 Degree Golden Oak Fascia Corner 300mm
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500mm Golden Oak Ogee External Fascia Corner
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350mm Light Oak Gable End Joint
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500mm Golden Oak Fascia Joint
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Light Oak Fascia Board


The Stunning No-Fuss Alternative to Wood

Our durable, low cost light oak fascia board is the perfect solution if you are looking for a stunning roofline product that outperforms traditional alternatives. We stock uPVC fascia board in an authentic-looking light oak that delivers outstanding aesthetics and robust durability. The range includes capping, replacement and ogee fascias. For long-lasting performance, easy installation and weather resistance, this is the ultimate low maintenance fascia board.

Looking to replace wooden fascias? Fed up with ongoing maintenance and want to invest in the modern alternative? Light oak fascia board ticks all the boxes. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, it takes performance to the next level. Manufactured to meet British Standards, it will never rot or need re-painting.

Our capping, ogee and replacement light oak fascia board is available in a choice of sizes. It is effortless to order online and we deliver nationwide.

Benefits - Light Oak Fascia


  • Authentic light oak finish
  • High performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • UV stable
  • Resists the elements
  • Easy to install
  • Fire resistant
  • 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee


The Vital Role of Fascia Board

 The finish of our light oak fascia board makes it a fast-selling product. It enhances the exterior of any property, delivering a low-cost cosmetic boost. Not only that, it is affordable and easy to install. But, fascia board isn’t just about looks. It is important because it is a roofline product that bolsters structural soundness.

Fascia board helps to keep your property warm and dry. It carries guttering and reduce humidity in in loft and roof spaces. With insulating properties, fascias keep your heating costs down and damaging rainwater out.

Our Range of Light Oak Fascia Board

The replacement, capping and ogee products in our rosewood fascia board range offer exceptional value. All our light oak fascia board choices are available for immediate dispatch and are supplied with a 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee. UV stability is important for this type of product and finish. These products are manufactured to retain their colour and will not suffer damage from the sun’s rays.

Manufactured to British Standards, the fascia board also benefits from a Class 1 fire resistance rating for your peace of mind. We request that you check external and internal measurements before ordering.

How to Choose the Right Fascia Board

 We stock light oak fascia board in a range of lengths and two thicknesses, depending on the product you require. All our fascia board products are 5 metres in width. Want to replace damaged or rotting fascias? Is your existing fascia is unsound? We recommend you order replacement fascia board. If your existing fascia is in good condition, buy one of our capping or ogee fascia boards. Install the board over your current fascia.

We are here to help. That is why we provide completely free technical advice. We want you to get the most from our products and enjoy the benefits for years to come. Reach out to us via our instant messaging service or give us a call.

Why Buy Light Oak Fascia Board From Us?

We are a uPVC roofline and cladding supplies company committed to delivering quality products at low prices. Our light oak fascia board range meets and exceeds customer expectations. It boasts outstanding properties and performance - at the right price.

We attract repeat customers because of our unrivalled passion for excellence. Our light oak fascia board is purchased by contractors, homeowners, businesses and public organisations for a wide range of project types.

Order Day or Night for Nationwide Delivery

Browse our range of light oak fascia board now and order online. We normally deliver in 1 to 3 days. You can pay via PayPal or with a credit or debit card.