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100mm Anthracite UPVC Skirting Board - 5m Chamfered



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100mm Anthracite UPVC Skirting Board Chamfered


Our 100mm Anthracite UPVC Skirting Board Chamfered is practical and stylish. It looks like wood but you will never have to worry about rot or the need to paint it. Shock / impact resistant, it can take every-day knocks that can easily spoil the look of traditional skirting. This product can be used virtually anywhere. It requires no maintenance, other than cleaning, and is completely effortless to install. Use it to transform the look of any environment using simple hand tools and high-grip adhesive.


Manufactured from recycled materials, with a webbed structure to aid performance, this skirting is environmentally friendly and has an authentic-looking wood grain finish. This slot-together skirting board delivers exceptional aesthetics and retains it stunning looks for years.


Available Size

Length: 5 metres

Height: 100mm

Thickness: 15mm


Product Specifications

This beautiful anthracite skirting board is manufactured by Eurocell. It is scratch-resistant and benefits from stylish pre-moulded corners, which negate the need for mitering. Specifications:

Excellent thermal insulation

Class 1 fire resistance rating

Colour fastness: BS1006 /1990 Part A03 

Density: 1.40 - 1.50 g/cm3



This hassle-free skirting board is suitable for both domestic and commercial spaces. 100mm Anthracite UPVC Skirting Board Chamfered is tougher than wood but takes less time to install. We recommend it for both DIY enthusiasts and trades. Maintenance: wipe down to remove dust and dirt.