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Fascia Capping Board Ideas For Your Home

Fascia Capping Board Ideas For Your Home

4 Oct 2019

Have you ever looked at the outside of your house and thought it could do with a lift? One of the easiest ways to transform the look of your home is with new roofline products. Our fascia capping board is a great place to start. Available in a range of visually appealing finishes, they can be matched with soffit board and other roofline accessories.


We stock a wide range of fascias, including replacement fascia board. If you want to better protect the roofline of a structure, choose a low maintenance product. Once installed it will protect your home from water and give it a stunning new look. That is because all our fascia capping boards are made from highly durable PVC.


Widest range of fascia capping board products


Our fascia capping board range feature beautiful finishes with an authentic-looking wood grain effect. Choose from black ash, rosewood, golden oak or anthracite. We also stock capping board in white. Our soffit boards are stocked in the same colours, including vented products, so you can achieve a seamless, modern look.


Whatever the age of your property, you can give it a traditional or contemporary twist with features designed to play a practical role while boosting the external appearance of your home. Fascia board is stock in 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 225mm and 450mm lengths, with a width of five metres. Take a look at thickness and return lip sizes on our product pages.


Roofline products for all homes


With winter coming, now is a really good time to protect your property from the elements. All our roofline products are easy to install and are sold with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Unlike traditional roofline products, our fascia board will not rot, peel or warp - another big plus-point. 


View the entire range on our website. If you require any technical advice, simply use the free instant messaging service on our site.