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Get The Celebrity Bathroom Look With Wall Panels

Get The Celebrity Bathroom Look With Wall Panels

3 Jun 2019

Feel like a movie star in your own home with low-cost bathroom wall panels designed to look a million dollars. If you hanker after a stylish celebrity bathroom, we are going to let you in on a little secret - you can recreate Hollywood-style interiors for next to nothing. Whether they are posing in a tub full of bubbles or just pouting for the camera, celebrities often benefit from a little background help to set the scene in a bathroom. It is often high-end marble, wood, brick or a sparkly finish - using materials most homeowners would struggle to afford.


Offering a luxurious finish, wall panels are actually practical as well as stylish. They are easy to keep hygienically clean, are moisture resistant and much cheaper than expensive materials like marble. Yet they are oh-so authentic looking. With the media becoming obsessive about celebrity bathrooms, here’s how to feel like a star in your own home. We take a look at celebrities and their bathrooms and tell you how to get the same look.


Cindy Crawford: grey marble


Elle magazine shows Cindy Crawford has a taste for grey marble. As well as being used on walls in the shower, the same marble is used for a vanity top. The rest of the bathroom is crisp white with spotlights, giving it an airy, contemporary feel. This classic design is achievable with Aqua 250 grey marble bathroom wall cladding that cost just £25 for a pack of four.


James Cordon: brick


While the Gavin and Stacey star’s bathroom includes a mixture of styles, including wood and marble, what really stands out is the brickwork in the shower. It oozes a kind of masculine yet contemporary look that could be achieved with either a stone or brick finish. We love the Aqua 1000 grey brick matt finish. Price: £45.


Jennifer Lopez: Italian marble slab


Crisp and clean-looking, Jennifer Lopez has a bathroom that is light and open. It is simple yet stylish. You can create a similar look with either light grey marble bathroom wall panels or stunning Aqua 250 white gloss wall panels. These alternatives to Italian marble cost £45 and £25 respectively.


Where to buy celebrity bathroom wall panels


If you fancy trying any of the above celebrity bathroom style hacks, you will find everything you need to create the look at Building Plastics Online. It sells everything from sparkly bathroom wall panels to bling up your life to 3D wall panels. The great thing about bathroom wall cladding is that it is easy to install and keeps it pristine finish for years.