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Get Your Summerhouse Ship-Shape for the Holidays

Get Your Summerhouse Ship-Shape for the Holidays

4 Jul 2019

Whether your summerhouse is a converted beach hut or purpose-built structure, it won’t do your garden any favours if it is left to rot. One of the best ways to keep it in good order is by treating it to a low maintenance makeover. In this blog post we will tell you how. Don’t worry, we will keep things simple.


This step-by-step guide will walk you through everything, so you can achieve a stunning look that will last and last.


Summerhouse windows


Get rid of timber window board and sills. Replace them with beautiful PVC alternatives. This simple change will really lift the look of your summerhouse internally and ensure it can take knocks and bumps.


Glass is a nightmare when used in garden structures. If you have glazing panes that are cracked or missing, invest in our plastic safety glazing. This is especially good advice if you have young children or live in an exposed location. Consider our polycarbonate sheet. It’s crystal clear, insulating and tougher than traditional glass.


New summerhouse roofing


We’ve got lots of low maintenance ideas for summerhouse roofing. If you don’t fancy corrugated PVC sheet, our Bitumen Corrugated Roofing Sheet is truly superb. It looks natural in any environment and is available in a range of beautiful colours. Changing your summerhouse roof will give it a new lease of life and protect it from the elements all year round.


If the inside of your summerhouse is what's letting it down, we’ve even got an idea for that. Our hygienic wall cladding is perfect for creating a modern, crisp interior. It’s super simple to keep clean and is available in white and pastel shades.


Ideas for the exterior include shiplap cladding.


Take a look at our low-cost, low maintenance ideas for your home and garden and see what you can achieve - just in time for the summer holidays.