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How To Turn Your Lounge Into A Nordic Retreat

How To Turn Your Lounge Into A Nordic Retreat

14 Jun 2019

There is one decor theme that has got homeowners buzzing this year. It is the Nordic retreat look and it is popular because it promotes a sense of calmness and harmony. If you love he thought of natural wood floors, neutral fabrics and a feeling of space, this decor is for you. In this blog, we will tell you how to achieve the hottest look of the year in your lounge.


Carpet is out in 2019. Choose natural wood for the floor and make it a medium to light colour. Finish with English Oak UPVC Roomline Skirting Board and white painted walls to achieve a fresh look. If you are planning to invest in new seating, go for something pale beige and compliment the look with light brown and off-white cushions. Make sure any furniture is made from light to medium wood and finish with dried flower displays.


Keep the Nordic Retreat look flowing


Extend your heme to your windows. Replace outdated wooden window sills with crisp white UPVC ones. They are easy to install and will retain their ‘as new’ looks for literally years. Set off windows with rustic-looking earthenware and sparse dried flower displays.


Don’t forget to include a rug for the middle of the room. Why not consider a knitted woollen rug in an off-white or beige? Or, if you can’t stretch to wool, how about a rug made from neutral-coloured rags? Keep your accessories simple and understated.


Transform your home for summer


If you fancy a change, we have go plenty of inspiration for homeowners and keen DIY-ers. Whatever look you are trying to achieve, we have got the every-day products that make all the difference. We stock a huge range of internal and external plastic building products. With home delivery and free technical advice, it is easy to see why we are the supplier trusted to help make dreams come true.


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