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Put Some Sparkle in Your Life - or Bathroom

Put Some Sparkle in Your Life - or Bathroom

17 Jul 2019

If your bathroom looks boring, take heart. We know a sterile looking space is no good for the soul. That’s why we stock bathroom wall panels designed to lift your spirits and put the sparkle back in your life.


Our Aqua 100 Bathroom Wall Cladding is fantastic. It not only looks fab, it’s a breeze to install. What’s more, our finishes include Black Sparkle and White Sparkle. With a luxurious, glittery look, these wall panels can transform even the dullest of rooms and give you an added incentive to spend more time in the bath or shower. Not that we are suggesting for one moment that you need to wash more!


Sparkle bathroom wall panels


Our Sparkle bathroom wall panels are really easy to clean, making them perfect for busy family homes or holiday accommodation. Popular with hotels and food businesses, this wall cladding aids hygiene while giving any high-risk space the five-star treatment.


One hundred per cent waterproof, our Sparkle bathroom cladding can be used around baths or in shower units. It can also be used in toilet facilities. It has a beautiful gloss surface finish and fits together with a convenient tongue and groove system. The product is very low maintenance and is fire resistant. If you are looking for hygienic, easy to clean bathroom decor, this option is a good choice.


How to benefit from Sparkle bathroom wall panels


Sparkle bathroom wall panels can be bonded to most surface types with hybrid, high-grip adhesive. We stock that too, so you won’t have to wait to get started on your new bathroom. Better still, we will deliver it all to your door. Delivery is free on orders over £70 - so what are you waiting for?


One of the biggest names in building plastics, we take care of everything, so you can just get on with your project. Our bathroom wall panel range offers great choice. Don’t want to go for the sparkly look? How about marble? Now, we bet that’s got you thinking…