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Robust Greenhouse Roofing That Is Safer Than Glass

Robust Greenhouse Roofing That Is Safer Than Glass

22 Jul 2019

If you love gardening, you probably own a greenhouse. Protecting plants all-year long, particularly in the colder months, should be a priority. Having tough greenhouse roofing that won’t crack or shatter saves not just money but a whole load of hassle. Here at Building Plastics Online, we have got a great selection of roofing options for garden structures.


If you are looking to replace glass, we recommend our 6mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet. It is easy to handle because it is lightweight, yet it is strong enough to be used in a wide range of projects. It is even suitable for lean-tos. With high light transmission, it will keep plants in a greenhouse happy and, better still, it is low maintenance.


10 year guarantee greenhouse roofing


We stock a wide range of greenhouse roofing materials. What’s more, they are supplied with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee for your peace of mind. Twin wall polycarbonate roofing sheet is inexpensive and hard-wearing. It looks good too.

Our sales manager says it is a bestsellers because it delivers high performance at an affordable price. “This product can cope with a wide range of temperatures and, importantly, is fire resistant. In fact, it is self-extinguishing," he said. "If you are looking for a roofing product that is suitable for a greenhouse, cold frames, sheds and orangeries, this is perfect.”


Wide range of greenhouse roofing


We don’t just sell twin wall polycarbonate roofing sheet, out roofing products extend to corrugated, bitumen, triple wall and multi wall products. With nationwide delivery - free for orders over £70 - we take the hassle out of shopping for roofing. Our range can be viewed day or night and orders placed online.


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