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Solid Polycarbonate Sheet For All Your Safety Glazing Needs

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet For All Your Safety Glazing Needs

18 Oct 2019

Want to put a skylight in a child’s bedroom, install a shatterproof balcony screen or really toughen up your greenhouse glazing? Our solid polycarbonate sheet is much tougher than regular glazing of a comparable thickness and is vandal-proof. It is recommended for a huge range of DIY projects around the home as well as in commercial and manufacturing applications.


This material is so tough it is used in bus shelters and as security screens. Our range is perfect if you are concerned about shards of glass in a sensitive environment or require a safety glazing that will provide additional security.


Safe, strong and vandal-proof glazing


We stock solid polycarbonate sheet in a range of thicknesses and sheet sizes for your convenience. In fact, we stock thicknesses suitable for all project types - from 2mm right up to 6mm. With high light transmission, you will enjoy all the benefits of traditional glazing with added peace of mind. Affordable and easy to install, it is the perfect solutions for environments where risks with glass cannot be taken.


As well as being really practical, this product is lightweight - so it won’t put a strain on your structure or be a hassle to move when installing. It can be cut to size and even used for security cabinets and secondary glazing. We are sure you will find lots of uses for this product, but here are a few more of the most common ones: vision guards, windscreens for boats, machinery viewing screens and canopy glazing.


Buy solid polycarbonate sheet from us


We make sourcing solid polycarbonate sheet really easy. You don’t have to trawl around DIY stores - simple choose the product sizes you require, pay and we will deliver it - anywhere in the country. If you are looking to beef up safety or security, our products will do the job.


If you order online, we aim to deliver in five working days. Visit our website.