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Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Puts Safety First

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Puts Safety First

26 Jun 2019

Bad weather, kids, every-day accidents… Glass is hazard that can be avoided with Solid Polycarbonate Sheet. In today’s blog post, we are going to outline some of the ways you can utilise this innovative product to make glazing safer in your home and garden.


Ever told the kids to stop playing with a ball because you are afraid they will smash a pane of glass? We have got the modern alternative - and it can be used in a wide range of structures. Consider it a ‘must’ for balustrades, summerhouses and greenhouses. This product is so versatile it can even be used for roofing.


What are the benefits of Solid Polycarbonate Sheet?


First up, Solid Polycarbonate Sheet is virtually unbreakable. Like the sound of that? It is also low maintenance, insulating and attractive. It is perfect for glazing in sheds, indoor swimming pools and a range of environments where traditional glass just isn’t practical.


One of our directors is keen to point out: “This product is regarded as 200 times stronger than glass of the same thickness - that is how tough it is. Not only is it strong, it is lightweight - something that can’t be said of glass. It resists impact and, best of all, it is crystal clear - just like traditional glazing.”


Solid Polycarbonate Sheet ideas


This robust material is great for balconies, terraces, children’s playhouses and even lean-tos. It provides excellent light transparency while removing the danger that glass poses. How many times has a pane of glass in your greenhouse been smashed? Why not consider it for internal glazing in doors and partitions? If you worry about roof glazing smashing above a swimming pool, this is your answer.


We stock Solid Polycarbonate Sheet in a range of thicknesses - from 2mm right up to 12mm. It is shatterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Thinner products can be curved for design purposes and our 12mm product is considered bomb blast proof, making it suitable for commercial premises including retail outlets.


To find out more about this truly versatile safety glazing product, visit Building Plastics Online.