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The Best uPVC Window Board and Sills Online

The Best uPVC Window Board and Sills Online

13 Oct 2019

Do your window boards and sills let your house down? Are you embarrassed by ugly stains, peeling paint or chips? There is a modern alternative to internal timber sills and, unlike wood, they are truly low maintenance. Our window sills are made from beautifully sculpted uPVC and are manufactured to last.


Ideal for any room in the home, they resist moisture, impact and mildew. On top of that, they won’t easily stain or warp. Ideal for home renovation or DIY projects, they are also easy to install and are a breeze to look after. Once fitted, they will only ever need dusting or a wipe down with a damp cloth. Our customers recommend this product because it is highly durable and available in a great choice of finishes.


Cheap uPVC window board and sills


Economical, our cheap uPVC window board and sills are stocked in two stunning designs - square or bullnose. This means you can easily achieve the look you want - without having to spend a fortune or investing too much of your time in the installation process. Choose from white, golden oak, rosewood, or black ash. For complete colour co-ordination, we stock uPVC skirting board and architraves in the same matched finishes.


If you have a pet that sits in the window, or regularly enters or exists the house through a window, having an easy to clean surface will reduce wear and tear. Cats, in particular, can cause damage over time by trailing water, mud and other debris over a sill. You may also want to consider switching to a UPVC window board if you like to display ornaments or vases of flowers in the window. All our sills can be sanitised for complete peace of mind.


Low cost uPVC window board delivered to your door


You can buy robust, attractive uPVC window board and sills online. We stock an enviable range, along with colour-co-ordinated end caps. Not only that, we will deliver them to your door, saving you both time and money. For great products and convenience, take a look at what is in store - visit our website.