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The Easy Way To Add More Space To Your Home

The Easy Way To Add More Space To Your Home

15 Jul 2019

Whether you want to create a porch, free up space in your kitchen by adding a utility room or construct a lean-to, we have got the roofing products to make your project happen. Now is a good time to invest in high-quality polycarbonate roofing sheet. The weather’s perfect for DIY jobs and prices are currently low.


We recommend our 25mm Clear Multi Wall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet for a wide range of structures. It is tougher than glass, insulating and sold with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Use this product to create a sun room or lean-to that can be used all-year round. Let in more natural light with a product that is shatterproof and self-extinguishing. This product is stocked in a huge range of sizes too.


Roofing sheet for DIY projects


When we are approached about roofing sheet, we always ask our customers what they want out of it. For example, a multi wall product will offer greater thermal insulation than a twin wall one. Some people like lots of natural light and, for them, we recommend clear roofing sheet. For those who find the sun a little too much, we suggest bronze tinted roofing sheet. It helps to regulate the temperature in a space and make it more comfortable. In fact, it is perfect for south-facing structures.


Our polycarbonate sheet range includes advanced options that take care of everything from insulation to glare. If you work from home, enjoy reading or have a hobby that involves making things, anti-glare is likely to be important. If this is your first time constructing a space, you may want to start small. Perhaps a covered log store or simple lean-to.


DIY roofing for all kinds of structures


We deliver roofing sheet to your door. Not only that, we support you with free technical advice - so you can be confident of buying a product that is suitable for your project. Take a look at our polycarbonate roofing sheet range online now and see how we can help you achieve more for less.