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Tired of Wooden Skirting? UPVC Skirting Board is the Answer

Tired of Wooden Skirting? UPVC Skirting Board is the Answer

6 Jun 2019

Take a look around the room your are in. Does the skirting board bear the scars of unavoidable knocks and bumps? Is the paint cracked or flaking? If you think your skirting is letting your home down, we have got the modern answer to outdated wood - UPVC skirting board.


Every year, homeowners just like you waste literally hours of their precious time sanding down and repainting skirting. It is not only time-consuming, it is back-breaking work and comes with a whole host of other problems. If you’ve ever dabbed paint on your carpet or flooring by mistake while trying to touch up skirting, you will know what we mean. Masking tape and a steady hand are absolute ‘musts’.


So, isn’t it great to know there is a simple solution? What's more, you are not stuck to just white as a choice. We sell Roomline UPVC skirting board in white, English oak and trending anthracite. 


Turn your back on wooden skirting


The days of having to put up with tiresome wooden skirting really are over. Thanks to advancements in technology, every home can now benefit from a low maintenance alternative. While skirting is necessary to protect the joint between a wall and the floor, it also has beneficial design features. That is why our UPVC skirting is so popular.


It eliminates the need for sanding down and painting while giving any room a stunning finish. With a choice of stylish designs, we make skirting not only effortless but attractive. That’s worth knowing if you are planning to redecorate a room or completely refurbish a property. Make a note: our skirting is also economical and looks just like wood.


Facts about UPVC skirting:


  • It never needs painting
  • It’s easy to install
  • You will only ever have to dust it
  • UPVC resists moisture
  • It is fire resistant


Roomline UPVC skirting board for all tastes


We stock UPVC Torus Skirting Board and UPVC Chamfered Skirting Board in thicknesses of 100mm and 150mm. Both products offer fantastic benefits When you consider how frequently wooden skirting needs attention, it is easy to understand why so many homeowners are making the switch to UPVC. This tough plastic can take the knocks that easily scar timber and make your skirting look unsightly.


Take a look at our skirting board range and discover what you can achieve - for a very economical price.