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Top DIY Tips for Heatwave Weather

Top DIY Tips for Heatwave Weather

24 Jun 2019

With temperatures set to soar to heatwave levels this week, you may not be thinking about DIY. Who can blame you? But some jobs are best undertaken when the weather is warm and dry. As well as getting you outside, our top tips for exceptional weather include projects that are best undertaken before wind and rain are back in the forecast.


If your garden shed, garage or summerhouse has seen better days, now is a fantastic time to give it new roofing. We recommend our Bitumen Corrugated Roofing because it requires no maintenance. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to install and is designed to look natural in any environment. With a stunning range of finishes, you can weatherproof your garden structure and give it a beautiful new look at the same time.


About Bitumen Corrugated Roofing


To give you an idea of why we recommend Bitumen Corrugated Roofing to DIY enthusiasts, we asked one of our experts to answer a few questions about it.


Why invest in this type of roofing?


Quite simply, it keeps your structure watertight. With exceptional water run-off, it is designed to cope with the British weather. It can be pitched and effortlessly channels even heavy rain away from your building. Not all roofing products can do that - and this one comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts a decade.


What makes this roofing different?


Its outstanding visual characteristics, performance and the fact that it requires no maintenance once installed. In addition, it only requires hand tools to fix in place. This product is available in green, red, brown and black.


Protect your home from wild birds and pests


Heatwave weather is a great time to get out the ladder and install Dry Verge products like our Eaves Protector and Ridge Caps. These products are designed to deter birds and keep pests away from your roofline. Easy to fix in place, they also enhance the appearance of a property’s exterior.


Cosmetically appealing, our dry verge range is designed to insulate and neaten up the look of a roofline. Choose from a variety of beautiful finishes.


After all that hard work, you will deserve a treat. Get the barbecue out and celebrate your handiwork with a family get-together.


Enjoy the heatwave!