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Transform Any Room With Our 150mm Torus Skirting Board

Transform Any Room With Our 150mm Torus Skirting Board

9 Oct 2019

A quick and easy way to smarten up any room is with our 150mm Torus Skirting Board. Beautifully sculpted, it is the perfecting finishing touch for lounges, kitchens, hallways and bedrooms. Tough as well as attractive, this is the uPVC skirting board that beats wood when it comes to long-lasting visual appeal.


With a wood grain finish, only you will know this skirting board is made from plastic. If you are looking to add a touch of warmth to space, this product range includes English oak and anthracite finishes. Ideal for a designer feel, this skirting board is fire resistant and won’t be damaged by moisture. Our customers recommend this product because it doesn’t easily bear the scars of every day bumps and scrapes.


Easy care skirting board


Our 150mm Torus Skirting Board is low maintenance has lots of benefits over traditional timber skirting. Of course, it will never need sanding down or painting. What’s more, it won’t rot. This is important if you are looking for new skirting to go in a moisture intense environment such as a bathroom.


You can mix and match our skirting board with colour-co-ordinated architraves and window boards. Easy to install, this job requires no specialist skills or tools. It is an ideal project for a DIYer.


Winter warmth and style


While our 150mm Torus Skirting Board has insulating properties, the coloured finishes ooze warmth. They make a change to plain white skirting and are currently big news in interior design. In fact, some of the biggest trends right now use oak-look skirting to replicate a Scandinavian look. Anthracite has been one of our biggest success stories this year.


If you are looking to give your home a makeover before winter sets in, complete the look with stunning 150mm Torus Skirting Board and really notice the difference.