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UPVC Window Sills Won't Let Your House Down

UPVC Window Sills Won't Let Your House Down

12 Jun 2019

If there is one thing that niggles homeowners more than anything else it is stained or damaged internal window sills. If your window board has seen better days, you will understand. It doesn’t matter how you dress a window, poor sills will spoil the look.


A centrepiece ornament or a beautiful vase of flowers will not detract from the fact that you need to carry out time-consuming repairs to timber. Wood is a difficult product to maintain - especially in an area of the home that gets a lot of use. If you use a sill for everything from an impromptu coffee table to a storage space, damage can occur almost instantly.


Planning to replace your window board? We have got some great low maintenance ideas.


UPVC window board for all homes


UPVC window board is practical, affordable and oh-so easy to maintain. Unlike painted wood, it won’t easily stain, will never warp and, best of all, does not need painting. Lots of homeowners and trades people are making the switch because it makes everyone’s lives easier.


Coupled with a sleek, smooth finish, a UPVC window sill can transform the look of a room - with very little effort. In our range, you will find window sills in white, rosewood, black ash and golden oak. So you can make a design statement while removing one of those tiresome home maintenance hassles. All our window boards are easy to install and are supplied with a fantastic decade-long manufacturer’s guarantee.


How much dos a UPVC window sill cost?


A UPVC window sill is a great investment, particularly when you are carrying out home improvements. Low-cost, this product is also available in a choice of designs. For example, our White Square UPVC Internal Window Sill and Board costs just £12.89*. The White Bullnose Window Board and Sill is £16.19*.


If you want to discover how to rid your home of stained, chipped and peeling, window sills, browse our range. We offer delivery to your door and free technical advice to ensure you get the right product for your project.


*Prices correct at the time of publishing