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When To Replace Your Home’s Gutters With UPVC Guttering

When To Replace Your Home’s Gutters With UPVC Guttering

31 May 2019

Guttering plays a vital role in diverting rainwater away from the structure of your home and the garden. Traditional gutter materials require regular maintenance - aside from clearing. If they are made from metal, they may need sanding down and coating with a fresh lick of paint, or other treatments to remedy early signs of corrosion or rust. This can be time-consuming and back-breaking work. Thankfully, finding a low maintenance alternative is now easy. UPVC guttering is both practical and cost effective.


But, how do you know when your gutters need replacing?


As well as keeping your roof dry, guttering protects the foundations of your home and stops moisture from penetrating walls and areas around windows and doors. That is why you should regularly clear out and inspect your gutters. If you have a lot of foliage around your property, you may need to inspect it two or three times a year. Don’t forget to check there are no blockages in downpipes. Building Plastics Online recommend you replace gutters if:


  • They look as though they are sagging or bowing
  • You can see leaks
  • You spot rust (look out for orange streaks or spots)
  • Standing water can be seen near the foundations of your home
  • Mildew is present around your foundations
  • Your roof space is damp
  • You want a low maintenace solution


UPVC guttering options


Modern UPVC guttering is robust and stylish. You can use it to define the character of your home and to complement the aesthetics of the exterior. Choose from round guttering, square guttering or Ogee guttering to get the best look for your property. Aside from the style of gutter, consider the best colour choice. Black, brown and white are the most popular choices.


Building Plastics Online stocks a huge range of guttering, as well as stop ends, downpipes, fascia brackets, pipe clips, connectors, and pipe shoes. It also supplies downpipe hoppers and is always happy to provide free technical advice to make installing new guttering really easy.


The cost of repairing damage caused by broken or coroded guttering can be high. A listed building in the Midlands is currently facing a £20,000 bill after poor guttering led to water damage. It is both cost-effective and advisable to use uPVC replacements, if you are looking for a long-lasting and low maintenance option.


Get uPVC guttering delivered


You can buy all your guttering requirements on the web. Building Plastics Online delivers materials to your door. Browse the available range and enjoy years of hassle-free guttering that will never need painting or rust.