Rosewood Window Board and Sill - Bullnose & Square

Rosewood UPVC Internal Window Sill Cover Square Edge
Rosewood UPVC Internal Window Sill Cover Bullnose
50mm End Caps to Suit Square Edge Rosewood Window Sill Cover
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End Caps to Suit Bullnose Rosewood Window Sill Cover
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Rotten windowsills can leave your room looking old and in need of repairs but it is a common problem for those sills made from materials like wood. Plastic replacement sills can be used to enhance the look and the benefits of your room while ensuring that your new windowsills are less likely to need repairing or replacing. Wood requires regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to look and perform its best but this isn’t true of PVC plastic.

Plastic is commonly chosen as the material of choice for both indoor and outdoor use. It has the strength that is required to manufacture items like window frames as well as window sills and this is because it will withstand the pressures that a sill has to undergo. 

Window sills can come in for a lot of physical abuse. Kids might lean and jump on them while pets’ claws can prove very damaging indeed. Whereas wood may tarnish, show up bumps and scratches, and worse, this isn’t the case with plastic. It takes a lot more abuse to damage plastic and this means that plastic windowsills are considered both child and pet safe – a rarity in any material.

Condensation can become a real problem in homes. Whether the homeowner dries their clothes on the radiator or suffers from poor quality windows and doors, condensation can build up. The moisture has to go somewhere and this means down to the windowsill. Plastic sills from Plastic Building Supplies are easy to maintain, requiring only a quick wipe with warm water and mild soap, and they are an inexpensive option for your home too.

PLEASE NOTE: Rosewood, Light Oak and Mahogany Bullnose Window Sills are not stock items therefore can take up to an additional 7 working days to be delivered.