White Window Board & Sill - Bullnose and Square

White UPVC Internal Window Sill Cover Square Edge
White UPVC Internal Window Sill - Bullnose Cover
Pair 50mm Window Sill and Board End Caps
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Pair 50mm Bullnose White Window Sill End Caps
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Long Bullnose White Window Sill End Caps
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Broken and damaged windowsills are easy to spot and not only are they unattractive but they could also lead to further damage and to additional problems. The window sill provides some support for the windows and may have to endure physical and moisture based damaged. If there is a buildup of condensation then the moisture will typically collect on the windowsill and this means choosing a suitable material and high quality sill to protect your home.

The sill can come in for physical damage, typically from children and pets. Chips, scratches, and knocks may cause damage to materials like wood and this is where PVC sills may prove the most advantageous. Plastic is a hardy and tough material that will put up with physical knocks and other potential damage caused in this way.

Another benefit of PVC window sills is that they will not rot when they become damp. A condensation build up may lead to water collecting on the sill and this can be very damaging. Wood may rot and metal may become rusted. Plastic is not only resilient to this potential rot and mould but it can also be quickly and easily wiped clean meaning that new plastic sills will not require routine or extensive maintenance to keep them looking great.