PVC Cleaning Products

PVC Cleaners, PVC Sealant, PVC Adhesives and PVC Fixings

Everything in this section should be all you need to finish any roofline project. Within our cleaning product range we have a glass cleaner which leaves a fantastic smear free shine to all glass types. We also have a cream Pvc Cleaner which is specially designed to clean UPVC products getting rid of those stubborn marks you may leave behind. Another cleaning product, is a solvent based Pvc Cleaner which is also designed to clean UPVC, the beauty about this product is it can get rid of the stains which you would otherwise not be able to budge. It is advisable to use our white paper roll with our cleaning products, especially with the solvent based Pvc Cleaner so you are not running the risk of dye from any old rag staining your UPVC.

Our PVC Sealant range includes our low modulus silicone, which has a wide variety of uses and can be used with any of our roofline products within our store. Our silicone comes in many colours which include, White, Clear, Black, Brown and Caramel. In this section you will also find our trade strength super glue with activator, once this is bonded it's bonded for good.

Other products you will find in 'PVC Cleaners, PVC Sealant, PVC Adhesive and PVC Fixings' are as follows, Expanding Foam in both aerosol and gungrade forms. With the cleaner and the gun to suit, a wide range of poly top nails and a wider range of rapid star turn screws at unbeatable prices. If you don't see the product you want just call our help desk on 0845 5051840 

The latest of our products, which we now keep in stock is a fantastic new adhesive and sealant called 'FixAll'. This product does what it says, and will bond anything to anything, once it's stuck you can forget about it for good. We also sell the applicator guns for the Pvc Sealant within this section. Our supplier trade counters are available for collection in person if required. Please call us to find the nearest supplier centre to your location.