Foam Filler and Foam Cleaner & Applicator

Foam fillers have a variety of uses including in the installation of doors and windows, sills and trims. The foam expands in order that it adequate fills cavities and the adhesive properties mean that it is capable of sticking many different items made from a huge range of materials. You can choose to apply the foam using an aerosol style applicator or something more akin to an applicator gun. Generally, the aerosol will prove useful for smaller jobs while the gun is more accurate and better equipped to deal with large projects.


When choosing a sealant for affixing doors, windows, and frames it is obviously important that it has adequate adhesive properties. If you choose a sub-standard foam then you may find that the items you attempt to secure will become loose. Using incorrect adhesive types can also lead to problems so you may experience plastic items that rattle around in their frame. 


Adhesive foam has been designed for the adhesion of materials like PVC and it is commonly used in the fitting and installation of doors and windows. The foam will prevent wind and rain from getting in and it will expand to fill any gaps and holes around the frame. It can even help muffle sound that gets through.


Plastic Building Supplies has a wide range and large selection of plastic items as well as the accessories and equipment needed to fit them. Choose from our range of adhesive foams and applicators to help ensure that you finish the job properly and professionally.