Corrugated PVC Sheets - Lightweight, Mediumweight & Super Sheeting

Corrugated Roof Sheet Clear PVC 1.1mm Heavyweight 3" Profile
Corrugated Roof Sheet Clear PVC 1.3mm Super 3" Profile
Corrugated 3" Profile Fixings and Flashings
Big 6 Corrugated Roof Sheet Clear PVC 6" Profile
Big 6 Corrugated 6" Profile Fixings and Flashings

Corrugated PVC Sheets

Corrugated PVC sheets have many potentially beneficial uses. They are commonly used for roofing on lean to and sheds because they can be pitched and offer rainwater runoff. They can also be used for other functions too. The corrugated shape of the plastic gives greater strength and reinforcement to the sheets while the plastic is easy to maintain, as it does not require regular treatment even if it is to be used on the outside of a building. The range of styles and finishes means that you can find PVC sheets that are ideal for any function.

The corrugated design of PVC plastic sheets offers greater strength to the plastic. Straight sheets can easily become bent, broken, or otherwise damaged but with increased strength this is not the case. The sheets can take the weight of rainwater and other items without breaking too easily and this means that corrugated PVC sheets can be made larger than their flat counterparts.

The other benefit of corrugated PVC sheets is the PVC material that they are made from. Plastic is a popular material because it combines strength and durability with flexibility and good looks. It can be formed and moulded into many shapes and a range of different finishes can be applied to the material so that it can be used in various applications and settings.

We are PVC sheeting suppliers and offer an extensive catalogue of building products made from PVC. We believe in the strength and benefits of plastic because our customers continue to come back to us for competitive priced products. Whatever purpose you are purchasing corrugated PVC sheeting for, you can enjoy their benefits when you shop with us.