Eaves Protector & Bird Guard in Black

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Preventing birds from getting into guttering and into the eaves of the roofline should be considered an integral part of designing and fitting any roofing installation. They can cause mess, damage parts of the roof, and they can create undesired noise within the home. Using dry eaves caps can help to prevent this from occurring but a more effective solution lies in the use of bird guards and eaves protectors. These inexpensive items remove the worry and potential danger of having birds besting in the eaves while still affording natural ventilation to occur.


The laying of some types of roof tiles can leave a gap, through which it is possible not only for wind and rain to get in but also pests and birds. Once the birds are in this gap they can damage roof felt which, in turn, can lead to leaks and other problems in the roof. By preventing the birds from getting in the roof in the first place it is possible to reduce the costs of maintaining the roof and fixing leaks while ensuring that your house has a high quality and effective roofing system in place.


Bird guards are designed to be easy to fit and are made from tough but durable materials. Birds like dark and confined spaces away from predators and the roof is the perfect getaway. They will use gutters where necessary, so bird guards can be applied here too. CRD has a large range of bird guards and eaves protectors available to help ensure the integrity of the whole roof.