Glazing Bars etc for Timber Supported Roofs

Snap Down Glazing Bar Exitex, White or Brown
Glazing Bar Aluminium F Section End Profile
Polycarbonate PVC Sheet Closure
Polycarbonate Fixing Buttons
Rafter Support Bar Bridging
Snap Down Glazing Bar End Cap
Polycarbonate Roof Sheet Ventilation Tape
Polycarbonate Solid Aluminium Sealing Tape

Polycarbonate is one of the toughest plastics that can be used in building and building supplies. It will last for many years and it is often used in applications such as greenhouses, conservatories, and extensions. It is important that you ensure the polycarbonate sheets are fitted properly; if they are loose or otherwise ill-fitting there is the danger that they may fall out. Not only can this cause damage but it could also lead to injury in extreme circumstances.


Polycarbonate sheets have many uses because they can be used to create straight or curved conservatory glazing bars. The fact that the material is so flexible means that it can even be used to create curved glazing effects. Whatever size and style of design, the sheets need to be secured properly and this is where glazing bars prove invaluable,


A glazing bar is fitted to the building and the polycarbonate sheets placed inside. The lip of the bar ensures that the sheet is not able to slip and slide, which means that the polycarbonate retains its structural integrity and strength. Another alternative, especially useful when fitting long sheets of polycarbonate, is the fixing screw. Drill a hole in the sheet and the timber below and then screw the fixing screw into place to ensure that the glazing remains exactly where you want it.


Polycarbonate fixing screws and conservatory glazing bars from Plastic Building Supplies are high quality, durable, and practical. They offer an invaluable solution to help ensure that polycarbonate glazing bars and other polycarbonate sheets remain firmly in place.