Rosewood PVC Architrave and Trims - D Mould, Quadrant, Fillet & Angle

45mm Architrave Rosewood UPVC Finishing Trim
65mm Architrave Rosewood UPVC Finishing Trim
95mm Architrave Rosewood UPVC Finishing Trim
28mm D Mould Rosewood UPVC Finishing Trim
12mm UPVC Quadrant Rosewood Finishing Trim
19mm UPVC Quadrant Rosewood Finishing Trim
20mm UPVC Edge Fillet Rosewood Finishing Trim
Rosewood UPVC Rigid Angle 100mm x 80mm
Rosewood Flexi Angle
£15.66 £18.10

A rosewood architrave can be used to make a bold statement in any room. Whether your existing trim needs replacing because it has become badly damaged or you wish to add new architraves to all of the buildings in your home, even if you want to add architraves to an entire development, you can choose from a selection of trim styles and then opt for one or more colours that are best suited to your design. Plastic is a strong and durable material that will not rust and will not mould.

Architraves are an attractive means of blending the door and frame to the wall. They hide the joint and by choosing the best available design and colour you can enjoy a design that gives something extra to the room. For a plain design you can enjoy straight lines while a more sculpted design gives a more traditional style. You can enjoy the good looks of a wood architrave combined with the useful benefits that plastic has to offer.

Plastic is a beneficial building supply material. It is used because it is resistant to weather and damp. Regardless of how damp a room is or how much condensation builds up on the plastic it will not erode or become damaged as a result. Plastic is also resilient to physical damage, abrasive damage, and other forms of damage. At Plastic Building Supplies we offer a large selection of architraves and trims as well as other building supplies for use in the home or in other types of property.