PVC Sheets

PVC sheets can have many different uses and at CRD we offer a range of these sheets at competitive prices and designed for specific and beneficial purposes. From hygienic wall cladding to corrugated sheets you can find the perfect PVC accessories for your needs, whether you are buying for use at home or in a commercial setting. What’s more, we offer competitive prices and great value as well as a wide selection of high quality items for you to choose from.


Wall sheets made from PVC are considered hygienic because they are easy to keep clean and they can be wiped dry if they get wet. Generally, hygienic cladding requires a quick wipe to get rid of dirt and debris, and because sheets can usually be cut to size it means that there are few or no joints in the sheets so that grease, dirt, and damp will not be able to collect in the seams.


This level of hygiene can prove especially useful for bathrooms and kitchens. The bathroom is a room that is naturally damp and the wall and bath sides tend to collect damp as well as dirt. With PVC plastic sheets it only takes a quick and simple wipe down to care for these sections whereas with wood or other materials it can take considerably more work to keep the bathroom looking, smelling, and feeling fresh.


With tiles - the other popular choice for walls in kitchens and bathrooms - there are gaps between the tiles that, although they create a watertight seal, do gather dirt and mould which can lead to needing to replace the grout/tiles often. Hygienic cladding doesn't have these gaps so doesn't have any space for grime or mould to collect. They are super easy to clean, just requiring a wipe-down when the room is condensed.


At CRD we have many PVC and plastic sheets to offer consumers. As well as hygienic sheets, bathroom wall cladding, PVC roofing sheets and UPVC sheet you can also select from a great range of corrugated plastic and accessories to match and further extend the usefulness of the PVC plastic sheets that you choose.


Buy PVC roofing sheets, UPVC sheets and plastic accessories from MP Plastic Building Products and you can enjoy competitive prices on high quality items that are designed to give you long lasting and sturdy durability. Our PVC wall cladding will last for a long time and will create the perfect finish to your bathroom or kitchen.

Big 6 Corrugated Roof Sheet Clear PVC 6" Profile
£18.97 £23.62
Corrugated Roof Sheet Clear PVC 0-8mm Lightweight 3" Profile
£8.06 £8.39
Corrugated Roof Sheet Clear PVC 1.1mm Heavyweight 3" Profile
£12.22 £12.71
Corrugated Roof Sheet Clear PVC 1.3mm Super 3" Profile
£19.32 £23.51
Hygienic Wall Cladding PVC Sheet White
Mini Corrugated Roof Sheet Clear PVC 0-8mm Lightweight
£7.04 £8.13
Polycarbonate PVC Sheet Closure
PVC Sheet Coloured *New Range* 10ft x 4ft x 2-5mm Thick
PVC Sheet Profiles Coloured *New Range* 10ft Lengths