Wall Cladding Panels

Timber has been the most popular cladding material, for both internal and external use, for a number of years but PVC cladding has become increasingly popular. It is less expensive and more convenient than timber, requiring less maintenance and treatment, and typically enjoying longer lifetime before it needs replacing. At MP Plastic Building Products we offer a range of PVC cladding options, including hygienic wall cladding sheets and all of the accessories and additional items that are needed to clad your wall.

Protecting Your Home

Wall cladding panels can provide an additional layer of protection to either the interior or exterior of the home. It negates the need to leave walls exposed and it is often used in areas where additional protection may be required. For example, exterior UPVC cladding is used as a means to protect against the wind and rain while interior cladding may be used in rooms where condensation is more commonplace, such as a bathroom, to protect against this.

Hygienic Cladding Panels

PVC cladding panels are considered high quality and hygienic. The plastic can be wiped clean and is easy to maintain, requiring little in the way of maintenance and replacement. The panels will be placed directly over the wall, which may require some initial treatment, and this means that cladding can prevent moisture from reaching the wall behind. Hygienic wall cladding has no gaps inbetween, unlike tiles, for dirt and mould to gather in, making them easily maintainable with just a wipe.

Style And Quality

Hygienic wall cladding panels from MP Plastic Building Products can be used to protect your walls and to provide a greater atmosphere within the home. You can choose from a great range of colours and stylesto match the design of the cladding UPVC with your current decor.
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