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Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof System

Energy Efficient Tiled Conservatory Roof For Low Maintenance Comfort

Bring your home and conservatory together with the Equinox roof system. This stunning tiled conservatory roofing is specifically designed for conservatories and summerhouses. It is different from alternatives because, while it looks like a traditional roof, it is requires no maintenance. Better still, it is more efficient than most top-rated glazing. This tiling is 10 times better at retaining heat than a window given an ‘A’ energy rating.

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If you are tired of putting up with extreme temperatures or a leaking, tired-looking roof, this is the ultimate solution. Cost-effective and robust, the Equinox Roof System lets you enjoy your additional living space whatever the weather. It gives outdated or poorly maintained spaces a new lease of life, and ensures they can provide the airy, light environment you crave. The benefits don’t stop there. This contemporary uPVC tiling eliminates draughts, stops glare, provides outstanding shading, and helps you keep a check on heating bills. This system also reduces problematic and unattractive condensation.

Make The Most of Your Conservatory

Transform a conservatory with a roof tiling product designed to stand the test of time. It lets you enjoy natural light from your conservatory while locking out noise and other problems associated with traditional conservatory roofing. We recommend Equinox roof tiles if you want to get more out of your home improvement. As well as effortlessly blending your conservatory into the rest of a property, this product is available in a range of attractive styles - so you can mirror the character of your home and get the finish you want.


More traditional-looking than glass or polycarbonate, the mufti-layered Equinox Roofing System is totally weatherproof. It provides outstanding protection from the elements, an essential considering the fluctuations experienced in the UK. If you are building or updating a conservatory to add value to your home, this is a savvy investment. It oozes character and all the security of a traditional roof. Browse the available styles to see how you can add the wow factor to your conservatory.


Conservatory Heaven With The Equinox Roof System


If you are looking for a tiled conservatory roof, the Equinox Roof System is designed to please. Its insulating properties can significantly reduce heat loss. For regulated heating, Equinox tiles are the number one choice. As well as delivering improved comfort levels, they come with an excellent manufacturer’s guarantee for peace of mind. The warranty last for 10 years - that is a whole decade of hassle-free roofing.


Want your conservatory to look and feel like new? Want to transform a space and bring your living space closer to the great outdoors? Look at the choice. We stock this product in:


Slate Grey



Pewter Grey

Stone Black


Antique Red

Burnt Umber

Moss Green


Brick Red

If you want to retain heat in the winter and keep your conservatory cool in the summer, the Equinox Roof System is a smart choice. It is easy to install and will keep you comfortable for years.


Buy Your Tiled Conservatory Roof

Transforming your conservatory is easy. We deliver tiled conservatory roofing to any location in the UK. With a best price promise, free technical advice and a commitment to quality, we are Britain’s leading supplier of low maintenance, aesthetically stunning conservatory roofing tiles. If your conservatory is under-used, letting the rest of your home down or simply uncomfortable, invest in the best roof tiles. This product is popular because it offers outstanding benefits that you will realise from day one.

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